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Body Maintenance Massage in Lodi.
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Billy Spears

California CMT # 57757

Now located at:

315 W. Pine St. Suite 8 

Lodi,Ca. 95240

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A Professional, Reiki Healing and Body Therapy Practice serving the Lodi California community. Providing full body massage in a professional, comfortable and safe office setting.

Using proven techniques and treatments for pain reduction, pain relief and injury management  Each bodywork session Is customized to the clients individual needs.

What others have to say:

5/22/2015,  Excellent bodywork & massage!  The blend of modalities made this a top notch, unique experience.  I love the location in a historical building in downtown Lodi, and the office set up is perfect! I'll  definitely be back.  Katheryn M.

July 2012,  I always had the “feeling” that orthopedic massage therapy was not an option as I have sustained much bodily injury from a vehicle accident and was left with limited mobility in my neck and shoulders. After Billy  used his professional gifts of therapy on me I can now turn my head to the right with little or no discomfort. My right wrist after surgery had never been able to flex backwards normally without pain. Again, after Billy  focused on my wrist and joints I am now able to move my wrist normally without pain! Now I “know” Billy Spears Body Maintenance orthopedic therapy works. I wish I had “known” this before my “feeling” about therapy developed. Thanks Billy Spears!   Parker S.

July 2012,  I've spent countless amounts of money seeking relief through chiropractors, physical therapist, over the counter back braces and SI belts, homeopathic analgesics, countless Doctors visits which included x-rays and MRI's. It's been a year and everyday I had some type of ache, burning sensation, or full blown spasm in my lower back. The only thing left that I needed to try was an orthopedic massage. I exercised heavily and my profession requires me to stand for the entire work day. So I began my internet search for someone with orthopedic massage training and that's how I came across Billy Spears website. No one else was listed for the central valley with all the training and expertise I was searching for. I gave it a try and my only regret was, why was this my last stop and not my first.   Silvia C.

March 2012,  I think I will sleep well tonight after a much needed massage by Lodi's one and only ... sports massage therapist... Billy Spears! Thank you!   Wendi R.

May 2011, I was struggling with plantar faciitis. I was experiencing severe pain daily to the point of limping and needing to stay off my feet. Then I met Billy.... He worked on my feet, heels and calves with a new technique he'd just learned. It provided amazing results.  I knew that his warming of the muscles and DEEP manipulation technique would help. And it did. Thank you Billy!   Sylvia H.


Services Provided:

  • Orthopedic Bodywork ~ Body Restructuring and Muscle Balancing
  • Sports Massage ~ Increase Range of Motion & Flexibility
  • Deep Tissue Massage ~ Improve Circulation & Wellness
  • Reflexology ~ Massage for Feet, Hands, & Ears
  • Karuna Reiki Master Teacher ~ Energy Clearing and  Balancing
  • NMT / Trigger Point ~ Remove or Reduce "Knots" in Muscles
  • Myofascial Release ~ Release Fascia to Release Muscle Pain
  • Soft Tissue Release ~ British Sports Massage
  • Seated Chair Massage ~ Fully Clothed & Relaxing
  • Swedish Massage ~ Basic Relaxation Massage
  • Acupressure ~ Eastern Medicines Approach to Health
  • Advanced Bowen Therapy - Fully Clothed Australian
  • Raindrop Technique - Healing with Essential Oils
  • Over 904 hours of massage therapy training from 2010 through 2016  fulfilling my ongoing comittment to continuing education, holistic healing and premier customer service.    

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