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Body Maintenance Massage in Lodi.
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Received a wonderful relaxing massage which also targeted some problem areas of my back for a great price. Also had brief Reiki treatment before the massage. Awesome! Best massage I've had in a long time. The individual massage room is small but that didn't seem to hinder the process. I highly recommend. I know I'll be booking more appointments in the future. GLC - Lodi, CA

Back in May of 2011, I was struggling with plantar faciitis. I was experiencing severe pain daily to the point limping and needing to stay off my feet. I was stretching and icing daily, and sleeping in a boot to keep the foot stretched throughout the night. Then I met Billy.... He worked on my feet, heels and calves with a new technique he\'d just learned. It provided amazing results. While the massage time was not the most comfortable, I knew that his warming of the muscles and DEEP manipulation technique would help. And it did. Thank you Billy Sylvia H.

This was my first visit. Desperate, I called places in Lodi to see if I could get help getting out of pain that night. The first couple turned me down as they were closing for the night, but on the next call, Billy Spears told me to come in an hour. I did because the pain was so bad and knew it would get worse without help. He took a look at me and knew where my problems were. He was gentle, no bone cracking, and worked away meticulously at all the trigger points. He seemed adept at many stretches and manipulations in order to relax my nerve pain. He was generous with his time and talent and did not charge exorbitant amounts. Very professional, compassionate, and with a broad knowledge of how to restore the muscle, bone, tendon, tissue balance. He was available when I needed him. He worked 2 hours, until he made me pain free. Thank you Billy, I'll be back! Victoria D.

I think I will sleep well tonight after a much-needed massage by Lodi's one and only ... sports massage therapist... Billy Spears! Thank you! Wendi R.

I've spent countless amount of money seeking relief through chiropractors, physical therapist, over the counter back braces and SI belts, homeopathic analgesics, countless Doctors visits which included x-rays and MRI's. It's been a year and everyday I had some type of ache, burning sensation, or full blown spasm in my lower back. The only thing left that I needed to try was an orthopedic massage. I exercised heavily and my profession requires me to stand for the entire work day. So I began my internet search for someone with orthopedic massage training and that's how I came across Billy Spears website. No one else was listing for the central valley with all the training and expertise I was searching for. I gave it a try and my only regret was, why was this my last stop and not my first.  Silvia C.



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